Announcing DeFiYield’s Private Sale on MoonStarter

About DeFiYield

  • Track investment opportunities
  • Watch performance metrics of their crypto portfolios including P&L, impermanent loss and farming rewards
  • Relocate funds across different projects and blockchains
  • Stay protected with the built in alerting system that informs about approvals for malicious Dapps having backdoors, infinite minting or other security issues exposing user funds to risks.
  • Discount for the app services for $DEFI holders. For example, a discount will be applied to Multi-harverting — a service allowing users claiming rewards from all pools simultaneously
  • Obtaining full access to all DeFiYield products: the audit database, the rekt database, the smart contract scanner and approved contracts info;
  • Accessing and commenting closed community chats on DeFi projects
  • Strategic partnerships. This includes implementation of $DEFI as additional rewards for participation in certain pools of partnering projects
  • Collateralization of DeFiYield’s own stablecoin — $defiUSD; Staking and locking $DEFI for creating and running verification nodes on DeFiYield Chain
  • Requesting smart contract auditing with decentralized verification, where payments for the service are done in $DEFI and used to reward node validators for performing smart contract security checks with the automated scanner

Private Sale Details

  • Contribution chain: BSC
  • Distribution chain: BSC
  • Date: 09 February 2022 at 4 PM UTC
  • Price per token: $0.24; 9 months vesting daily linear
  • Total allocation: $150,000

How to participate ?

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