Announcing next IDO on MoonStarter App — Bright Union

So what is Bright Union?

Then how it works?

  1. Compare, buy and manage crypto coverages on different platforms from a single interface
  2. Provide coverage by staking stable coins or matured currencies on different platforms from a single interface
  3. Stake at Bright Union and become part of the DAO (the Union)
  1. Nexus Mutual — integration 100%
  2. Bridge Mutual — integration at 90%
  3. Cover Protocol — integration at 25%
  4. InsurAce — integration to start
  1. Bright Union Index funds (sliced and weighted risk for superb risk reward ratio)
  2. Secondary markets for crypto coverage products
  3. Tail end-risk / re-insurance

What about token utility?

  1. Access
  • Token Holders get priority for normal service
  • Token Holders are eligible for premium service
  • Vote on governance of DAO
  • Influence Bright Treasury Fund allocation
  • Influence Bright Union Product Roadmap
  • Token holders can receive rewards for staking tokens in the Bright Treasury
  • Token Holders can benefit from value appreciation by investing by investing in the Bright Treasury risk pools

Be Bright and join the Union !

Token metrics

  • Seed Price: $0.075, 6 months vesting, 10% unlocked at TGE
  • Private Price: $0.10, 6 months vesting, 5% unlocked at TGE
  • IDO Price: $0.10, 30% unlocked at TGE, 35% after 1 month of TGE, 35% after 2 months of TGE.
  • Chain: Ethereum Chain
  • Date: 05 August 2021 at 11 AM UTC
  • Price per token: $0.10
  • Total allocation: $50,000
  • First of all, we all know how important it is in such competitive market to come with at least a minimum viable product. Well, Bright Union is not doing it half — way as the product is more than advanced with testnet and mainnet expected to go-live by mid-end-of August with thousands of codes lines already written.
  • Company is registered in Netherlands.
  • Reputable advisors: Kyle Chasse (Master Ventures),Luke Lombe (Faculty Capital), Mike Miglio (CEO of Bridge Mutual) & Rosco Kalis (Truffle)
  • Reputable Strategic Investors: Master Ventures, Faculty Capital, 3M, Tsukiyomi Group
  • Run by a bunch of crypto and insurance experts, who all worked together previously, from the Netherlands and within the insurance field.
  • Fund raised on IDO will be unlocked once liquidity locked
  • Tiny initial market cap



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