Announcing next IDO on MoonStarter App — POLKAPLAY

Dear Community,

We are glad to introduce you to the new IDO that will take place on MoonStarter App. Without further suspense, the project will be Polkaplay.

IDO will take place on the 02 August, 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC.

So what is Polkaplay?

From content to NFTs, PolkaPlay is the easiest way to create, sell, and collect NFTs. PolkaPlay provides a social NFT platform for users to create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards through positive engagement.

How does it actually work?

Using PolkaPlay is as easy as a doodle for anyone and everyone who knows how to operate a smartphone. You can sign in with Google or Wallet connect on its very simple to use.

Here you will find the process explained in three simple steps for your convenience and ease:

  • Take a pic/video or upload your content on Polkaplay platform.
  • Hold 100 POLO tokens in your wallet so you can mint your content to NFT.
  • Click on sell and list it on our marketplace.

As from an utility point of view, we can mention the following points:

POLO is the fuel that powers the PolkaPlay ecosystem and here are the various utilities, features, and benefits of our social token

Utility: POLO tokens will be a medium of exchange and used as a primary mode of payment on the PolkaPlay platform. POLO tokens can be used to create and trade NFTs on the platform. Holding 100 POLO tokens will let users mint more than one NFT in a 24 hours period.

Staking: Users can stake POLO to participate in exclusive NFT drops from their fav creators and initial NFT offerings. POLO tokens will also be used for staking and liquidity pools in the Polkaplay ecosystem. Liquidity Providers who stake POLO will be rewarded with platform fees in the form of POLO tokens, enabling users to stake POLO and earn rewards. Our ecosystem also enables NFT Farming wherein users will be able to stake POLO tokens to farm rare NFTs.

Governance: POLO holders will authorize proposals and the votes on them. Anyone can stake POLO to create and vote for proposals.

A portion of the platform transaction fees will be used for governance rewards. By participating in voting, token holders may earn rewards. For proposals to be accepted, they must be endorsed by a sufficient amount of token holders.

You can find further information on Polkaplay Tokenomics and an overview of POLO token by clicking here.

Token metrics

Initial market cap excluding liquidity: $378,000

  • Seed Price: $0.0035, 10% initially, 2-month cliff then linear distribution over 12 months.
  • Strategic Price: $0.0045, 13% initially, 2-month cliff then linear distribution over 11 months.
  • IDO Price: $0.0055, 50% unlocked at TGE, 25% after 1 month of TGE, 25% after 2 months of TGE.

IDO Details:

  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Date: 02 August at 12 PM UTC
  • Price per token: $0.0055
  • Total allocation: $63,000
  • Listing: 03 august
  • Tokens unlock: 03 august 3:00 PM UTC

How to participate ?

Please refer to our Medium explaining our Tier System to get more info on our 2 paths to secure an allocation for Polkaplay. You will also have to complete the Google Form HERE and have your KYC approved by the 30 July 2021 at 12 PM UTC HERE

For The Galaxy Path, you will need to start staking MNST at latest the 29 July 2021, at 12 PM UTC.

For The Competition Path, you will have to perform tasks of Gleam Competition. You can start by clicking HERE .

Do not forget that you will need to hold at least 1000 MNST to qualify for the competition and KYC approved.

As from a MoonStarter transparency point of view:

  • Video call with the CEO.
  • Company is registered.
  • Considerable number of important VCs backing the project
  • Fund raised on IDO will be unlocked once liquidity locked
  • Low initial market cap

About Polkaplay

Polkaplay is a unique platform where users can create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards. It is an NFT Marketplace with social features that enables users to create content, NFTs, and earn rewards with POLO tokens. Users can buy and collect content they like or mint content as an NFT and sell on PolkaPlay.

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About MoonStarter

MoonStarter mission is to be the single-stop multi-chain launchpad for selected projects without distinction of the blockchain used. While the current project landscape is scattered and dependent on the blockchain used, MoonStarter aims to offer the possibility to launch on one or multiple selected blockchains, using only one token on the Binance Smart Chain.





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