Announcing Second Round Flash INO with Good Games Guild

What are the Good Games Meta Keys?

  • NFT Mining
    Dedicated pool to mine incubation and partners token/in-game assets
  • MetaVault
    Special vault for NFT holders claim GGG Revenue from certain activity
  • Beta Tester
    Guaranteed spot for any beta testing event with GGG partners and earn incentives
  • Farm Booster
    Act as multiplier for specific GGG staking pool APYs

A bit more about Good Games Guild

  • Have been ecosytem partner of more than 21 games
  • More than 120 thousands Guild Members
  • More than 3 millions Total SLP Earned
  • 500 Million fully Diluted Valuation

Key Features of Good Games Guild

  • Apply to earn
    We are in favor of the idea that our users deserve the finer things ; everyone can earn money from gaming. Apply as our scholars and get right to play and earn.
  • Rent to earn
    Don’t have time to play game? Keep watching, you can rent your NFTs to be used by our scholars, so you will get the portion of reward!
  • Stake to earn
    Start staking $GGG to get your Reward, exclusive content, voting right, participate in DAO etc.

NFT Sale details

  • Circinus — 500$
  • Andromeda — 1000$

How to participate to the Sale?

  • To participate, you will need to hold a minimum of 1000 MNST or have a validated tier.
  • 3 NFTs per pool per participants: Total max 6 NFTs.
  • FCFS

About Good Games Guild

About MoonStarter



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