Announcing Tool Kitz AI Sales on Moonstarter

3 min readDec 24, 2023

Attention: Only the public sale, has protection shield activated.

Dear Community,

We are happy to announce that Tool Kitz AI has selected MoonStarter as one of their launchpads for multiple of their sales.

About Tool Kitz AI

Tool Kitz AI is revolutionizing the world of computing with its cutting-edge Zk layer 2 architecture. It empowers entrepreneurs and project owners to grow their ecosystems and eliminate the high costs and maintenance associated with blockchain and software development.

Tool Kitz AI provides an API and SDK that enables project owners to complete their development toolkit without any coding. Its platform is optimized for efficient artificial intelligence processes, interfaces, and data placement. It also establishes a secure machine-to-machine payment data stream channel within its ecosystem.

Tool Kitz AI is committed to providing entrepreneurs and founders with everything they need to succeed in the blockchain world without coding.

In short, Tool Kitz AI is a revolutionary platform that makes blockchain development accessible and affordable for everyone.


  • Unlock limitless possibilities with their API & SDK
  • Seamless Web3 integration
  • Dive into the NFT and Metaverse universe
  • Simplify trading with powerful tools
  • Reliable oracles for business owners


  • Meet Tkz AI chat bot
  • Generate smart contracts effortlessly
  • Trust our smart contract auditor
  • Create NFTs with ease
  • Stake your assets on Multichain

Whitepaper | Website | Twitter

You want to experience more? Try the demo !

Token Metrics

  • Initial market cap excluding liquidity: $227,000
  • Have a look on the tokenomics here

Sale Details

By taking part in this MoonStarter event, you get access to the Private & Public sales.

  • Contribution chain: BSC
  • Distribution chain: BSC
  • Token: $TKZ
  • Date: 7th of January 2024, at 12 PM UTC

Private Round

  • Price per token: $0.09; 7% at TGE, 2 Months Cliff, 12 Months linear
  • Total allocation: $50,000

Public Round

  • Price per token: $0.1; 10% at TGE, 6 Months linear after first month
  • Total allocation: $50,000

How to participate ?

Please refer to our Medium article explaining our Tier System to get more info on how to secure an allocation for the Tool kitz AI Sales. Do not forget that we have now a new tier starting at 1000 MNST tokens !

  • Galaxy Path: You need to start staking MNST by January 4th at 11:59 PM (UTC), at the latest or lock your tokens before whitelisting deadline. Your tokens must be staked until the whitelist results have been published.
  • Participants need to complete the Google Form HERE by January 5th at 11:59 PM (UTC).
  • New Competition Path: You can now take part to our brand new competition path ! Our Zealy contest !

👉 Whitelist results will be published on the 5th of January at 3PM (UTC).

About MoonStarter

MoonStarter’s mission is to be the single-stop multi-chain launchpad for selected projects without distinction of the blockchain used. While the current project landscape is scattered and dependent on the blockchain used, MoonStarter aims to offer the possibility to launch on one or multiple selected blockchains, using only one token on the Binance Smart Chain.