Introducing Cosmos Stakers

1 min readAug 4, 2021

Dear Community,

At MoonStarter, we are glad to count numerous supporters from the early hours providing us with valuable feedback all around our journey.

Based on this, we have taken the decision to introduce the “Cosmos Stakers”

Who are the Cosmos Stakers?

Cosmos Stakers are individuals who are staking at least for 30 days at 24 hours prior to the IDO is taking place.

Advantages of the Cosmos Stakers

Cosmos Stakers will have the following advantages:

  • Their allocation will be increased by 20%
    For example, a Cosmos Stakers with 10 Jupiter Tickets, will be granted with 2 additional tickets (20%).
  • Exclusive IDOs — Private Sales.
    Cosmos Stakers will be granted access to IDOs with very limited allocations and private sales which will be held on MoonStarter App.

In case of questions, feel free to drop it on our Telegram Community Channel!

About MoonStarter

MoonStarter mission is to be the single-stop multi-chain launchpad for selected projects without distinction of the blockchain used. While the current project landscape is scattered and dependent on the blockchain used, MoonStarter aims to offer the possibility to launch on one or multiple selected blockchains, using only one token on the Binance Smart Chain.