Introducing The MoonStarter Community Protection Shield

What we will continue doing

  • Deep analysis of the project:
  1. We always give a key importance on the tokenomics meaning that we have refused (with some exceptions) projects where tokenomics were disadvantageous to the IDO in comparison to seed or private;
  2. We have always analyzed deeply the marketing strategy, including use acquisition plans;
  3. We have always questioned and act when was needed about the projects listing strategy, including the respect of the listing price;
  • Release of the funds of the IDO: We did not and will not release any funds before liquidity is locked for a project
  • Post listing follow-up and marketing support of the projects
  • Onboarded projects will be required to share an audit and/or agree to be audited before the IDO

What we will start doing as from the next IDO we will announce

  • What we will continue doing (see above);
  • Release of the funds accordingly to the vesting schedule — also applicable for Private Sales; First payment will take place 48 hours after listing.
  • Sending of 100% of the tokens upfront except for global claiming tool for the project tokens;
  • Price Protection
  1. Token price falling by 20% IDO price for a period of more than 4 consecutive hours within the first 48 hours after listing
  2. Token price falling by 30% of IDO price for a period of 5 consecutive days (120 hours).
  3. Token price falling below IDO price, for a period of more than 15 consecutive days (360 hours)
  • When launch is on multiple launchpad, in case of non-respect of the distribution date and time, MoonStarter will have the right to cancel the IDO or ask for compensation of the non-respect of the distribution timing;

About MoonStarter



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