Exclusive Kalyke Private Group

1 min readDec 11, 2023


Dear Community,

As promised, we have a surprise for our Kalyke tier holders: you have now the chance to join a new private telegram group called "Kalyke Astronauts - Private Group".

In order to join this private group, you must stake at least 250.000 $MNST.

Once you stake more than 250K $MNST tokens fill out this quick form: https://forms.gle/Mm28saALX1ENy8f78
Our team will process your request promptly, and you’ll gain access to the group as soon as your request gets approved.

By joining the group, you will have the following benefits:

- Close contact with the team and with other Kalyke members.
- Special deals made ONLY for you.
- You will be able to propose promising projects to the team and discuss current projects in negotiation.

Thanks for your amazing support

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