MoonStarter Major Update

  • In our goal of being the multi-chain IDO platform , we are first thrilled to announce you that MoonStarter is now supporting Solana!
  • Secondly, we have listened to the concern many of you have raised during the last months and we have decided to review our participation model.

Integration of Solana

  1. First of all, before participating to the IDO, you will need to go to MoonStarter App and select the “Account” section.
  2. On the bottom of the page you will find a section to enter your Solana distribution address. This address will be the one where you will receive your Solana IDO tokens.

New Participation Model

Step-by-step process

  • Step 0 : Go to MoonStarter website, go to “APP” & connect your wallet through Metamask or WalletConnect. Once done, go to Pools section where you will find the concerned IDO. Do not forget that in case of chains like Solana, you will have to register your distribution wallet address on the Account section before.

View on the IDOs



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