MoonStarter x Unicrypt Official Partnership

  • The Unicrypt User Interface allows token developers to relock tokens directly from the UI eliminating the need to withdraw liquidity provider tokens
  • Liquidity Lockers also allow the developer to split their lock into different sub-locks. What this means is that if a team locked 100% of their LP tokens, they may split out for example, around 15% for marketing or development and then relock the remaining 85%
  • Incremental locks are an incredibly unique feature, this feature enables a developer to add more LP tokens to an existing lock. All they need to do is approve and then proceed with locking

Highlights of the partnership:

  • Project is required to lock tokens to add liquidity to their project. Unicrypt trustless and audited smart contracts will be managing the liquidity lock of tokens for projects that choose to launch on MoonStarter
  • In addition to managing the liquidity lock, Unicrypt smart contracts will also be managing locking and vesting schedules for projects if they do not have the required infrastructure in place
  • Unicrypt & MoonStarter will collaborate regarding potential IDOs & ILOs deals.



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