Announcing First INO on MoonStarter — GEOPOLY

Hello Everyone,

It is now time to announce you the first INO that will take place for MoonStarter Community. We are more than glad to announce that GEOPOLY has agreed on having an INO with us. As it is our first NFT related action, a specific process will be applied on this sale which will not take place directly on MoonStarter App.

So what is GEOPOLY?

GEOPOLY is a geolocation economic simulator that allows users to rent and buy, upgrade and sell real-life businesses all around the world.

Available already on Android (with iOS and Web coming soon), it creates a fun and innovative on & off experience in 2 main interconnected gameplays: The On-chain & Off-chain.

As words, will never be as efficient as visuals, we invite you to the GEOPOLY Youtube page, where you will find it all explained:

Let’s have a look into GEOPOLY NFTs now!

Geopoly NFTs are exclusive Businesses and Special Locations that will help you grow your real estate empire exponentially.
Special Locations are pre-minted NFTs that can be purchased by any player inside the game and can be used to boost your general economy, while Businesses will be minted on request, granting you its full ownership.

How can you earn money with them?

You can make money by selling your upgraded and enriched NFTs. Due to the competition, the categories and tiers they hold, plus the improvements you apply to your Businesses, they can easily raise in value and be sold for a greater price. In addition, when the NFT is rented by an Off-Chain player, it will generate even more GEOS Tokens passively for the owners, which will be useful to make upgrades and raise the value of your portfolio.

What are they for?

They are advantageous assets within the game. You can use them to enhance the value of your other Business depending on the Tier, Category, and Geolocation of your NFT. You will be able to rent them to Off-chain users, with the conditions stipulated beforehand by the NFT owner. And, as said previously, this will produce GEO$ Tokens passively for the owners, which can be used in the game for upgrades and increment the value of your holdings.

NFTs Composition

Sale Details

As mentioned in the introduction, we will have an exceptional procedure for this exceptional event. Indeed, INO will not take place on MoonStarter but directly on GEOPOLY Market Place.

But that’s not all ! NFT holder’s addresses will be included in a list that will exclusively allow them to buy GEOPOLY tokens during the first minutes of listings the 15th of December on QuickSwap!

How to participate?

  • GEOPOLY INO will be accessible to anyone with a validated Tier (Our tier system explained here) on the 9th of December 2021.
  • GEOPOLY INO will take place on the 10th of December 2021 on MATIC Chain.
  • You absolutely need to fill out the Google Form available HERE and execute the required actions which are:
  1. Join GEOPOLY Telegram Channel
  2. Join GEOPOLY Announcement Channel
  3. Follow GEOPOLY on Twitter
  4. Subscribe to GEOPOLY Youtube Channel

If any of these actions is not executed, access to the INO will not be granted.

What can you buy?

Please find here below a list of the NFTs and the corresponding prices:

For the rest, see you on GEOPOLY Market place on the 10th of December !


Widow Games was founded in 2013 by former Microsoft employees.
With more than 15 mobile games already developed and 1.5 million monthly subscribers, it created a rich ecosystem of VCs, Advisors, Associations and Partners to support its innovative developments.

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